What You Need to Know for the Spring Semester at George Washington University

The start of the holiday season means the countdown to the end of the fall semester for students at George Washington University.

But after just a few short weeks, GW students will find themselves back in session with the start of the Spring 2023 semester. To ensure students have the critical dates in mind for spring and summer 2023 at George Washington, here’s a rundown of what you need to know to prepare for the upcoming terms at GW. 

How long is winter break at George Washington University?

Winter break at George Washington University lasts three weeks, from Friday, December 23rd, through Monday, January 16th. Winter recess at GW occurs much later in the year than most other national colleges and universities. However, classes start later in August than in many other schools, so the semester ends later in December. 

The final day of Fall 2022 semester classes is on Monday, December 12th, and students then have a one-day reading period to study for finals before exams start on the 14th. Final exams run through December 22nd, although not all students will need to remain on campus through that date, as finals schedules vary by course. The list of final exam dates and times by course name is now available on the Office of the Registrar website to help students plan their last few weeks of the semester. 

Commencement for those students graduating at the end of the Fall 2022 semester will take place on Friday, January 6th, after the holidays, given the late end of the semester. 

When does the spring semester start at GW?

Spring 2023 semester classes begin at GW on Tuesday, January 17th, after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on the 16th. 

The last day to register for spring semester courses is Friday, January 20th, but students have until the 29th to add a course to their spring schedule and can drop a course through Sunday, February 10th. This can be done later in the semester, but after February 10th, the course will still be listed on a student’s transcript, even if they withdraw from the course. 

How many hours is a full schedule of classes at GW?

Students at George Washington University are considered full-time when enrolled in courses totaling 12 credits per semester. A full schedule of 12 credit hours amounts to four courses for the average student, but this may vary, especially for courses with lab components that take up more than three credit hours. Half-time students must maintain at leastsix6 credit hours per semester.

Due to limited capacity on some courses, students may also find themselves going beyond 12 units to enroll in a required course for their graduation requirement. Again, this tends to be the case with courses involving a lab component. Students should confirm with their academic advisor if their schedule exceeds the maximum number of recommended credit hours. 

Some scholarship and grant programs require students to maintain a full-time schedule as part of the financial award. Students are advised to check the credit hour requirements of any financial aid or award programs offered, in addition to departmental requirements, to ensure they are on track for graduation. 

Does GW have a spring break?

Yes, George Washington University has a spring break from March 13th through the 18th, the same week as most national colleges and universities.

The week after spring break is the last week students can withdraw from a spring semester course and receive a “W” on their transcript. The deadline for withdrawals is Sunday, March 26th. Students returning for the Fall 2023 semester should also be aware of upcoming registration dates for fall semester courses, which usually open early April in the second half of the spring semester. 

Does GW have midterms?

Midterms at George Washington University vary by program and course. Some classes have midterms the week before spring break, and others do not. Students are advised to review the syllabus for their studies at the start of the semester and plan for midterms as required by their courses.

Those with midterms may not be required to be on campus to complete their midterm if the course has an online testing option for midterm exams.  

When do spring semester classes end at GW?

The last day of spring semester classes at GW is Monday, May 1st. Students then have a one-day reading period and the make-up day before final exams start.


When are the finals at George Washington University?

Final exams for the Spring 2023 semester at GW are from May 8th – May 16th.

As with the fall semester, not all students will need to remain on campus through the 16th, as dates for individual course finals vary by class. The final exam schedule has not been posted for the spring semester but will be available on the Office of the Registrar’s website in early 2023. 

Does GW offer summer courses?

Yes, George Washington University offers several summer sessions for students looking to catch up or get ahead on credit hours. GW has five different summer session options of varying lengths, but course offerings by session are limited. Summer classes are typically introductory or required courses, but this allows students to free up their schedule for more intensive coursework during the fall and spring semesters. 

The Summer 2023 sessions at George Washington University are:

  1. Session I (6-week program): May 22nd – July 1st
  2. Session I (8-week program): May 22nd – July 15th
  3. Session I (10-week program): May 22nd – July 29th
  4. Session I (Fullschedulem): May 22nd – August 19th
  5. Session II (6-week program): July 3rd – August 12th

Planning for Fall 2023 at George Washington University

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