GWU’s Top 5 Majors of 2022

George Washington University in Washington, DC, was founded two hundred years ago and is currently one of the top one hundred universities in the United States according to U.S. News and World Report.

Faculty members include former White House staff members, a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Nobel Laureate, and experts in fields ranging from media to the humanities. Its massive library system offers students a vast trove of knowledge on any subject, and the university provides a plethora of graduate and undergraduate degree options. Even so, some top George Washington University majors stand out from the rest.

If you want to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree but are unsure which major to pick, the following top majors are sure to grab your attention.

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Communications

One of the top five best universities for earning a degree in political communications, George Washington University is recognized for its low student-to-faculty ratio, multiple on-campus amenities, and sizeable graduate network. CNN’s Dana Bash and American media executive Mosheh Oinounou both earned degrees from GWU’s School of Media and Public Affairs.

Political communication graduates have a wide variety of job opportunities outside the world of politics. For example, they can work as campaign managers, press secretaries, political consultants, or speechwriters. These job options mean that students in Washington, DC can still use their degree even if they work elsewhere after graduation.

The bachelor of science (BS) program in computer science is accredited by ABET, the professional society that accredits engineering programs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, BS

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is one of the top three most lucrative bachelor’s degrees options. The average mid-career salary in this field is over $150,000; additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that there are plentiful job options. With your undergraduate degree, you could become a computer network architect, computer programmer, network and computer systems administrator, or a software developer, to name just a few of the many options.

George Washington University’s undergraduate course in computer science is accredited by ABET, a prestigious non-profit NGO that ensures each of its accredited programs meets quality standards.

Master’s Degree in Law (GW Law School)

There is a lot you can do with a law degree. Becoming a lawyer is perhaps the most obvious career choice, but you can also select a career as a lobbyist, legal writer, compliance officer, law librarian, or policy analyst. A law degree can also jumpstart your career in politics. Former President Barack Obama, for instance, was a lawyer.

As many of its famous alumni can attest, George Washington University is an ideal place to study law. Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and Kellyanne Conway earned a degree in law from George Washington University. Law is also the most popular program concerning student count. 

Master’s Degree in International Relations and Affairs (Elliot School of International Affairs)

George Washington University is ideal for earning a degree in international relations and affairs because there are so many specialized fields to pick from. You can focus on a particular region, South America, Africa, Europe/Eurasia, or the Middle East. Alternatively, you can choose a thematic specialization such as Global Energy and Environmental Policy, International Affairs and Development, Global Gender Policy, and US Foreign Policy.

A degree in International Relations and Foreign Affairs offers unique opportunities unavailable to many other university majors. You’ll have a chance to travel to places that others have only heard of or perhaps never heard of. You’ll gain unprecedented insight into other cultures and ways of thinking, and the career benefits are manifold. With a degree in International Relations and Affairs, you can apply to join the Foreign Service, work for a government agency, or become a political analyst. This diploma also opens doors of opportunity to private-sector jobs. Many companies operate on an international level and need those who can speak more than one language and interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities. Given all this degree has to offer, it’s not surprising that it’s George Washington University’s second most popular degree option concerning student count.

MHA@GW is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management and Administration

Suppose you are looking for a field with multiple job opportunities and a high salary. In that case, earning a graduate degree in Healthcare Management and Administration may be the right course of action for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth in this field is a whopping 32%, much faster than average. In 2021, medical and health service managers earn a median annual wage of $104,280, over $50.00 an hour.

George Washington University’s healthcare management and administration program are one of the top five most popular courses concerning student count. It is also worth noting that several bachelor’s degree programs that students could take to earn a master’s degree in this field are also very popular with university alumni. These include the undergraduate programs for nursing and biology/biological sciences.

These top George Washington University majors are certainly not the only practical options available from this notable university. The school also offers a number of majors that would be a good fit for students with other talents, abilities, and career goals.